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Zend Certification Exam resource pack based on the topics listed on the official website. Most of the subjects will be reached here.

PHP switch case after default works normally

When you put the a case block after the default block the switch will work normally and fallback to the default only after testing all cases. The documentation doesn’t specify this directly, but there is a note with an example. … Read more »

How Tor works

Great photos explaining what is disclosed at each point when doing a request on the web, with or without Tor or HTTPS. The photo is provided by the EFF https://www.eff.org/pages/tor-and-https


Documentation Cheatsheet: Dave Child, Dzone, RegexOne Tools: (Online) RegExr, Regex101, RagexPal, RegexPlanet, (Offline) Rad Software (free) or RegexBuddy (paid)

Zend Certified PHP Engineer Exam

In a competitive environment as the programming world is this kind of certification can help you differentiate yourself when you are looking for a job. You might want a bigger salary, you want to improve your CV, the certification is … Read more »