Google Colab – a free environment to run Machine Learning Python

While working on a new project, I was told about Google Colab.

This is mainly a web interface to a Linux container where you have root access and by default you can run python code.
You can even use Machine Learning libraries and run the code on a GPU.
You have bash commands and root access on the container, so you pretty much can do everything you want, but you are limited to some CPU and RAM. I handled at some point a 5GB file and tried some clustering on that data but failed :slight_smile: I managed to make it work after reducing some dimensions.

There are a lot of useful notebooks with examples that you can open by default and you can use your other Google Resources like Drive, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, upload – download files, wget stuff from the internet, even crawl :slight_smile:

Try it out! You only need a Google account and maybe Chrome (on Firefox, Safari and Opera I had some small issues)