M101JS Videos

Mongo University has a collection of great MongoDB courses that help developers into first steps and further understanding MongoDB and NoSQL concepts.

Here you have the list of videos from the course. If you didn’t register to the course you can see them on YouTube.
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Week 1 playlist
Week 2 playlist

Week 1 Week 2
Welcome to M101JS (Lecture) (Answer)
What is MongoDB (Lecture) (Answer)
Mongo Relative to Relational (Lecture) (Answer)
Overview of Building an App with Mongo (Lecture)
System Requirements (Lecture)
Installing MongoDB (mac) (Lecture)
Installing MongoDB (windows) (Lecture)
Quick Introduction to the Mongo Shell (Lecture) (Answer)
JSON Introduced (Lecture) (Answer)
Installing Node.js (mac) (Lecture)
Asynchronous vs Synchronous (Lecture)
Hello World on Node.js (Lecture)
Introduction to npm (Lecture)
Hello World MongoDB Style (Lecture)
Hello World using Express (Lecture)
Hello World using Express and Swig (Lecture)
Hello World using Express, Swig, and MongoDB (Lecture)
Express: Handling GET Requests (Lecture)
Express: Handling POST Requests (Lecture)
Mongo is Schemaless (Lecture)
JSON Revisited (Lecture)
JSON Arrays (Lecture) (Answer)
JSON Subdocuments (Lecture) (Answer)
JSON Spec (Lecture)
Introduction to Our Class Project, The Blog. (Lecture)
Blog in Relational Tables (Lecture) (Answer)
Blog in Documents (Lecture) (Answer)
Introduction to Schema Design (Lecture) (Answer)
Homework 1.1 (Lecture)
Introduction to Week 2 (Lecture)
CRUD and the Mongo Shell (Lecture) (Answer) 
Secrets of the Mongo Shell (Lecture) (Answer)
Introduction to BSON (Lecture) (Answer)
Inserting Docs (Lecture) (Answer)
Introduction to findOne (Lecture) (Answer)
Introdution to find (Lecture)
Querying Using Field Selection (Lecture) (Answer)
Querying using $gt and $lt (Lecture) (Answer)
Inequalities on Strings (Lecture) (Answer)
Using regexes, $exists$type (Lecture) (Answer) 
Using $or (Lecture) (Answer)
Using $and (Lecture) (Answer)
Querying Inside Arrays (Lecture) (Answer)
Using $in and $all (Lecture) (Answer)
Queries with Dot Notation (Lecture) (Answer)
Querying, Cursors (Lecture) (Answer)
Counting Results (Lecture) (Answer)
Wholesale Updating of a Document (Lecture) (Answer)
Using the $set Command (Lecture) (Answer)
Using the $unset Command (Lecture) (Answer)
Using $push$pop$pull$pushAll$pullAll$addToSet (Lecture) (Answer)
Upserts (Lecture) (Answer)
Multi-update (Lecture) (Answer)
Removing Data (Lecture) (Answer)
getLastError (Lecture)
Node.js Driver: find, findOne, and cursors (Lecture) (Answer)
Node.js Driver: Using Field Projection (Lecture) (Answer)
Node.js Driver: Using $gt and $lt (Lecture) (Answer)
Importing Reddit (Lecture)
Node.js Driver: Using $regex (Lecture) (Answer)
Node.js Driver: Using Dot Notation (Lecture) (Answer) 
Node.js Driver: Skip, Limit and Sort (Lecture) (Answer) 
Node.js Driver: Inserting, _id (Lecture) (Answer) 
Node.js Driver: Updating (Lecture) (Answer) 
Node.js Driver: Upserts (Lecture) (Answer) 
Node.js Driver: findAndModify (Lecture) (Answer) 
Node.js Driver: Remove (Lecture) (Answer) 
Blog Introduction (Lecture)
Blog Application Architecture (Lecture)
Blog, Session Management (Lecture)