Line history on Git

# file path export FILE=file/path # line number export LINE=10 git log –format=format:%H $FILE | xargs -L 1 git blame $FILE -L $LINE,$LINE | uniq -c


Documentation Cheatsheet: Dave Child, Dzone, RegexOne Tools: (Online) RegExr, Regex101, RagexPal, RegexPlanet, (Offline) Rad Software (free) or RegexBuddy (paid)

Zend Certified PHP Engineer Exam

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Udemy – lots of discounts

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Clear putty window fully

If you want to full clear putty window including the scroll history with just a command, here is your answer. It seems there is a way to clear the scroll buffer just by sending some special characters with print. [php toolbar=”false”]printf ‘\033[3J'[/php] … Read more »

M101JS Videos

Mongo University has a collection of great MongoDB courses that help developers into first steps and further understanding MongoDB and NoSQL concepts. Here you have the list of videos from the course. If you didn’t register to the course you … Read more »

MongoDB CheatSheet

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CheatSheet Sources

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Variables are preceded in PHP by a dollar sign $ and the rules for naming are: [a-zA-Z_\x7f-\xff][a-zA-Z0-9_\x7f-\xff]*   or in plain english names of variables can begin with letters or underscores and then you can put other numbers letters and underscores. Letters here … Read more »